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Coire Walker is a Brooklyn guitarist residing in the Seattle Area. Within the last few years, under the moniker "Rough Seis," he has created a musical style drawn from Post Rock, Folk, Blues, Progressive Rock, and other world influences. Heavily inspired by bands like Mogwai, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Wilco, Coire intends to write music that conveys adventure, not bound to any traditional theories or structures, but rather free to journey as it will between the peaks and valleys of felicity and melancholy.





"Coire has been reminding me how much I love sophisticated instrumental rock for months now. So rather than finding my old Tortoise, Trans Am, and Aerial M records, I'll just be listening to his mellifluous, monstrous sound in my town for awhile."

- Ryan Parker, Songwriter's Workshop, Brooklyn, New York

"Coire is one of the most engaging and versatile musicians and artists that I know. Definitely a seasoned professional who ignites the crowd!"

- Marcos Luis, founder of OneMicNite™, New York City

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